EXHIBITION until 27.2.2022

Photography by Jan Pohribny feat. our mutual works from the Industrial feelings series
at Kladno Castle, Prague, CZ
until February 22, 2022

2021 Di Carta / Papermade, Schio, Italy
Biennale Internazionale di opere di carta,
curator Valeria Bertesina


I had the opportunity to spend 2 weeks in residence at Di Carta / Schio to complete a sitespecific installation. The theme of my work is the climate change and the ways our forests, ”oxygen factories”, are affected by the rising temperatures.

I recycled and adapted some prints from an earlier installation I made in March for the Serlachius residencygallery. I have also utilised papermasks made of scrap paper and older sketches and drawings. The drawing was executed on the wall surfaces in the space.

The installation is situated by my choice in the lavatory on the top floor of Palazzo Fogazzaro. During the pandemic we have faced lockdown, shut inside our respective adobes, where occasionally the only ”sanctuary” for privacy has been to lock yourself in the bathroom. Reflecting on a larger scale, my sanctuary is my own forest in Lappland. The effects of climate change can be detrimental to the forest’s ability to survive the ongoing changes our unsustainable way of life inflicts on nature. In my opinion, there is no sanctuary left after the forests are gone.

My immersive installations often play with repetition of a graphic element. This time the graphic element is 0=C=0 schema of carbondioxide, which serves as a building block for the largescale drawing. Previously, I played around with the schema in an installation I did in collaboration with sculptor Juha lahtinen and workgroup for the Mikkeli art museum in 2017-2018.

23.10.2021 – 27.2.2022
Di Carta Papermade, Fragile like paper
80 artists from 5 continents representing 27 nations

Ash forest – memory of a dead forest, 2021

sitespecific, paper, ash, water, Ink, watersoluable marker

This installation was made possible with the support of



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