Wives, lovers, whatever 2020
From the series Modelling Posespainted aluminium, width app. 300 cm
Image Studio Funke
Blue Nude, 2019
From the series Modelling Poses
painted mdf, 120 cm diagonal, ed. 1/1
Also available in any requested size as an edition of 1/1,
e.g 30 cm in height 420€
Image Studio Funke
O’Nevermore, 2020
From the series Modelling poses
mixed media on mdf, 120 cm, ed. 1/1
Image Studio Funke
Egon, 2019
From the series Modelling Poses
painted, steel, app. 89cm in height
Available also in requested size from metal, prize upon inquiry
30 cm on painted mdf 380€
Image Studio Funke
From the series Small nudes, 2019-2020
mixed media on mdf, 30 cm, ed. 1/1
inquire at Gallery Halmetoja
Image Studio Funke
Sisters, 2016
ed.1/3, surface rusting metal
height app. 89cm
Left to right: Shikumen ~180 cm painted mdf 1800€, Egon 89 cm painted metal 3200€, Balzac ~180 cm painted metal 4800€
Left to right; Venus (white) private collection, Venus 2016 ed. 1/3 self rusting metal 3800€
Crossroads paintings
acrylic on canvas, 100 cm x 100 cm
Inquire at Pop Å / SHOP & SHOWROOM
Image courtesy of Krista Keltanen
Small Nudes,2020
250€ kehystetty, ks. alla
printtikoko 65 cm x 50 cm
Image Studio Funke

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