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Ateljé Stundars blog autumn 2022

Alkukirjain | Initial
guassi vanerille
guache on plywood
INITIAL Kalkkimaalia ja sateenropinaa
ajatuksia / thoughts 16.9.2022

DRAWING MY A’s 23.9.2022

Artistic work takes a lot of planning and scheduling. Residency periods provide me with the possibility to execute certain parts of a process in a concentrated manner. This autumn I have been working at Ateljé Stundars residency and I am impressed with the programme KulturÖsterbotten is providing for artists.

I find that, as I get older, it is beneficial to ”break routine” in as many ways as possible to challenge myself. I feel that this work is and should always be more of a challenge than safeguarding a position/location within an established routine.

Jag är superintresserad av bokstäver, språk, ljud och struktur och kommunikationssätt. Det kan tyckas galet, men ”att rita min As” är en lyx – att fokusera, letande leder förhoppningsvis till något…

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HOMEPAGE KulturÖsterbotten