Niklas Link

”I am observing my environment and being influenced by the culture. It is an individual process in which I understand the self-portrait as a possibility of self-questioning. Both, the reflection on the environment and the reflection on myself are the point of origin of my work. The ambiguity of a character, which is written in my face, makes the diversity arise.

From the freedom of a mask and the personal touch of a caricature to the generality of a symbol, this is how I would describe my jewelry.

The hollow bodies made of steel always develop from sketches which are based on self portraits. They are assembled with a micro welding machine and finally blackened. I leave the welding seams almost untouched, as they allow the association with human scar tissue. By integrating plastic elements and lacquers I additionally highlight specific features or I can point out specific characteristic traits.

This way stylized characters come into existence: ICONS.”